How it works with usenet.

Quite simply. Here’s what you need to know.

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1. Get Usenet access

Register with USENEXT. You will automatically receive your personal login data. Your data volume is immediately available for you.

2. Choose a newsreader

Use a free newsreader as a Usenet search engine to find your content. Store your USENEXT login data there

3. Get inspired

As with other search engines, you can use the newsreader to browse over 200,000 newsgroups according to the content of your choice.

“Easy to use. Never got problems with it.”


Grab fast trial access

Is Usenet still uncharted territory for you? Then get USENEXT test access. For 14 days, you can try out Usenet risk-free with free data volume. During the test phase, it is possible to quit until the last day without any problems. If you like Usenet, your access will be extended without you needing to do anything.

Test for free

Newsreader? Client? Browser? What do I need?

Get your access to Usenet over USENEXT. To run searches in Usenet, you will need a free newsreader. You can use these directly in your browser or as a downloaded application on your desktop. Tip: You can choose more than one newsreader. You can test free of charge, using several at the same time.

200,000 newsgroups - 200,000 topics

Usenet is categorised into newsgroups - in fora. From political topics in the soc.politics group to discussions of English words, grammar in alt.usage.english. There are no limits to the topics and content! Something there for everyone. Network with experts and like-minded people worldwide!

A sympathetic ear at all times

Need help logging in, got difficulty getting started and are a bit lost? Our support team is there for you. Under +49 89 20 17 20 17 or over the contact form.

Frequently asked questions

What is Usenet?

Usenet is a global network - almost like the Internet. Usenet is divided into thematic forums called newsgroups. It is the largest platform for exchanging news, opinions and articles. Usenet is the birthplace of many popular cultural curiosities: the first "smileys" as well as the expressions "LOL" and "OMG" found their origin in Usenet. With USENEXT you get fast access to Usenet. OMG!

Do I need additional software for Usenet?

Yes, you need a newsreader. Your USENEXT access allows you to choose any newsreader. Most newsreaders are desktop applications, which need to be downloaded. After getting quickly familiarised, the newsreaders are easy to use.

How does the test phase work?

After registering for the test phase, you reach the members’ area of USENEXT. In the first step, it is important that you choose a newsreader. Enter your USENEXT login data there and off you go! Now you can use your free data volume. If we don’t hear from you during the test phase, we will assume that you like our service and are continuing with your access. Your account will only be charged at the time of this extension.

Can I switch packages during the test phase?

Yes, you can. Our recommendation: Test Usenet for a few days and then decide which package is the best one for you.

How can I terminate my package?

Please log into the members’ area, call us or send an email to our customer support team. During the test phase, it is possible to quit until the last day without any problems.

Do you have any further questions?

You can find answers in our support area.

Test Usenet 14 days for free.