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The UseNeXT download world record

In November 2007, UseNeXT wanted to know just how fast it really is and record the fastest possible download speed. Yet, it wasn't going to be tested by UseNeXT internally but by the UseNeXT users themselves… the concept of a download world record competition was born!

The aim of the contest was:

  1. to download a 647 MB file as quickly as possible
  2. record the download on video
  3. publish the video onYouTube

The fastest download of the 674 MB Ubuntu image (Linux operating system) was to be awarded with a prize of $1,000 . All other participants would be entered into the draw for 10 x 100 GB UseNeXT extra download volumes.

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The lucky winner of the $1,000 was Daniel B! He succeeded in downloading the 674 MB Ubuntu image (Linux operating system) in just 34 seconds. He still holds the download world record today. The result is an average download rate of approx. 20 MB/s and therefore evidence of the unbelievable speed of the 6 UseNeXT server farms. Don’t take our word for it, why not view the impressive result for yourself because seeing is believing when it comes to the world's fastest every download:

The result of the world record attempt

The response to the world record attempt was incredible. In addition to several hundred participant videos on YouTube, there were also numerous mentions of the event in the press. "" reported on the attempt in December 2007 in its article „How a Linux Download Topped YouTube’s Hit List“ describing it as „the hottest thing on YouTube“. You can read the article in full here.

Want to see more participant videos? Then why not take a look for yourself!

Perhaps most interestingly, two of the videos quickly made their way onto the list of YouTube favourites with over 7 million views. Even today, almost 4 years after the world record attempt, two of the videos are still stubbornly maintaining their places in the "Most viewed videos" in the "Science & technology" category.

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