Retention time

Retention time - the yardstick for all Usenet providers

Retention time is an important quality and decision-making factor when it comes to finding the right Usenet provider. It provides information on how long a message or a file remains available in the newsgroups and/or is saved there. A long retention time therefore means that content can be found, read and downloaded for longer in the Usenet. The Usenet providers are, of course, competing with one another and attempt to offer as much retention time as possible. USENEXT customers enjoy a convenient service in this respect. Binary files are now available to our customers for 2,705 days - more than seven years. After all, there is good reason why USENEXT is considered to be one of the world's top Usenet providers. Customer satisfaction, service and quality always come first!

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Development of USENEXT retention times

During the relatively short history of USENEXT , we have not only changed the volume plans very much, we have also made significant improvements to the retention times. The graph above shows the development of the retention time for text and file attachments since we launched in 2004. While binaries were available for just 2 months 9 years ago, they are now saved for over six years.

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