A binary file contains both alphabetical and non-alphabetical characters and is therefore not a purely text-based file. This type of file first has to be decrypted.

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The topics which are discussed in the Usenet are categorised in newsgroups. Every newsgroup is dedicated to a specific topic and can therefore be compared with a thread in an Internet forum. You can find out more about newsgroups.


All files are retained on the Usenet on newsservers.


Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) is the transfer protocol for messages in newsgroups. It communicates between the client and server, sending and receiving messages.

NZB files

NZB is a file format which saves information about Usenet articles with files. NZB files contain information on where the individual pieces of files are saved. NZB files help the newsreader software to show all the parts collected and to download them.

PAR files

During the transport between Usenet servers, individual parts of files can be damaged. Par files (parody files) allow these RAR files to be easily repaired.


is a compression format similar to ZIP, which allows the size of individual files to be reduced. This enables shorter download time.

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