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Your next steps

Install a newsreader

Install a newsreader in order to use UseNeXT. You will receive a list of a selection of newsreaders after you send your email address.

Enter access data

Enter the access data that you received via email into the installed newsreader.

Enjoy Usenet

Your downloading rate is only limited by the speed of your DSL connection.

What is the Usenet?

The Usenet is a global discussion platform with several million users which has a similar structure to the forums commonly found on the Internet. In the so-called newsgroups, users can not only discuss various topics, they can also download files (binaries) saved on the newsservers at full DSL speeds. Access software (a newsreader also called a newsclient) is required for easy access to the Usenet.


UseNeXT Frequently Asked Questions

UseNeXT is the only Usenet provider to offer access to 6 server farms around the world. As a result, up to 30 connections can be established at once for downloading data. This ensures that all users enjoy a lightning fast and highly stable connection. UseNeXT makes truly high speed downloads possible! Make the most of the full bandwidth of your DSL connection. The speed of your download is only limited by the speed of your DSL access.
At UseNeXT we take security seriously! Security must naturally be ensured as soon as a Usenet access is provided. To best protect Usenet access from outside attacks, UseNeXT offers 256-bit SSL encryption. All newsreaders recommended by UseNeXT support this encryption.
The service UseNeXT provides is access to the Usenet. This service is called Access Providing and is comparable to the service you receive from your internet provider. Use of the Usenet, including subscribing to newsgroups and reading and commenting on posts, is entirely legal.

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  • 1 GB high speed volume
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