UseNeXT and the Usenet

What is UseNeXT?

The service provided by UseNeXT can be compared to the services offered by an Internet Service Provider (ISP). In a similar way to how ISPs provide access to the Internet, UseNeXT offers access to the Usenet. Founded in 2004, UseNeXT has been growing constantly over the past few years and has now developed into one of the largest Usenet providers around. You can get more information on UseNeXT in the menu item: About UseNeXT


What is the Usenet?

The Usenet is a global discussion platform with several million users which has a similar structure to the forums commonly found on the Internet. In the so-called newsgroups, users can not only discuss various topics, they can also download files (binaries) saved on the newsservers at full DSL speeds.

Access software (a newsreader also called a newsclient) is required for easy access to the Usenet.

The Usenet was established by American students in 1979, making it older than the Internet. Originally, the Usenet was founded as an alternative to the Arpanet (a predecessor to the modern Internet). Although Arpanet played a decisive role in the development of the Internet, today most users are more aware of the Internet than its "older brother" - the Usenet. The name Usenet is an abbreviation for Unix User Network.

Currently, the Usenet has more than 100,000 newsgroups containing 6,000 terabytes of data and discussions from all over the globe; numbers which only hint at the sheer immensity of the Usenet!

You can get more interesting facts about the development of the Usenet since 1979 in: History of the Usenet.