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The software - The installation

  • What is a newsreader?

    Just like a browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) is needed in order to access the Internet, the Usenet requires a so called newsreader. The newsreader allows you to find specific contents on the Usenet and to take part in discussions.
  • What newsreader is best for me?

    You can use our service with any newsreader.
    In order to configure any newsreader please use the following settings:

    - Servername: news.usenext.de
    - Port: 119/443 for uncoded connections, 563 for SSL connections
    - Your username (avi-xxxxxxxxxxx-xxx)
    - Your password

    You can download the newsreaders that our customers recommend in your member area.
  • I have a Mac or Linux computer - is there any special software available?

    Yes, we do suggest the use of the Tangysoft Newsreader that is available for free for all the common operating systems (Windows, OS X, Linux). In addition there is a variety of newsreaders available for all existing operating systems. Most of these newsreaders are free and can be used for downloading with UseNeXT.
  • I have problems installing the Mac version.

    If you want to install the newsreader on a Mac, you might encounter a small issue.
    Here are instructions for avoiding this issue:

    When trying to install the Mac version of the newsreader, if you see the message "Programme XYZ can´t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer", please proceed as follows:

    • First confirm this message by clicking on “OK”
    • Right-click on the file to be installed (alternative: hold down the [ctrl] key and left-click on the file)
    • Then click “Open”
    • The message “Programme XYZ is from an unidentified developer. Are you sure you want to open it?” appears
    • Click on “Open” again to start installation.